We are honored to partner with the one and only bad ass Krissy Mae Cagney to bring you our next exciting seminar which will focus on Weightlifting, Nutrition and Mobility. Also joining her will be three time CrossFit Regionals athlete and Olympic lifter Drew Canavero along with powerful Olympic lifter Matthew Aikin both of Critical Athlete at CrossFit Elevation on Sunday, July 20th at 11:00am.

Expect to be with us for five hours - The seminar will cover two hours of Nutrition, one hour of Mobility followed by two hours of Weightlifting.

Registration is limited so don't wait and end up missing out on this great event!

Registration for CrossFit Elevation members is $40 and can be purchased through our event registration page.

Registration for general public and friends is $75 and can be purchased through Krissy's site.

Complete details below...

Just to be clear, this is NOT a CrossFit workout or CrossFit event. You do not need to be familiar with CrossFit to attend. This seminar is the perfect time for you to gain knowledge about training/nutrition in general. All fitness levels are welcome as this knowledge can be applied across the board, no matter your methods or experience. Come make new friends and get involved in the fitness community in Denver.

I (Krissy) will go over…


  • Mobility, Mobility, Mobility…It’s important. I will teach you how to mobilize from head to toe and we will go over how to take care of common injuries and faults.
  • We will correct movement patterns with mobility techniques.
  • Dynamic warm-ups for muscular activation, injury prevention and range of motion. Proper warm-up is key as it sets you up for a kick ass workout. This goes hand in hand with mobility.


  • This is what everyone has the biggest love/hate relationship with… FOOD. Being a registered dietitian and fitness nutrition specialist, I have a lot of info to relay to you.
  • You will all receive a copy of “Flex•i•ble Dieting” prior to attending, please make sure to read it over and come with questions. This will be the perfect time for you to dial in your nutrition/diet related questions, take full advantage.
  • Many of you know I have competed in body building, CrossFit, and powerlifting. Not only do I have credentials, I have the experience to go with it. Different sports require different nutrition methods and we will cover what best suits you.
  • How to fuel and recover your body with food.
  • Macronutrients and the role they play in your goals.
  • How to eat to lose fat, how to eat to gain strength, how to eat to gain size, how to eat to get healthy, etc.
  • The importance of nutrient timing.
  • How to create a successful eating plan for yourself.
  • I will share my two cents about getting over food guilt and developing a healthy mindset
  • We will go over much more as topic arise.

Matt and Drew will takeover for the weightlifting portion. Here is some info on Critical Athlete.

Who are we?
Critical Athlete is a joint venture between Drew Canavero and Matthew Aikin. Both were collegiate athletes whose athletic backgrounds compliment their extensive strength and conditioning experience. It is that combined experience, as athletes and coaches, which inspired the creation of CA.

What is CA?
Critical Athlete, as the name implies, encourages coaches and athletes to think critically about Olympic Lifting, and it’s applications within and outside of CrossFit. The CA approach to simplifying and accelerating the learning curve of the Olympic Lifts is to first instruct the basics of athletic movement, and secondly emphasize and encourage a critical analysis of athletic movement as it applies to Olympic Lifting.

What will you learn?
Critical Athlete encourages athletes and coaches to draw on their past athletic experiences, and provides them with a conceptual framework through which these experiences can be applied to the instruction of the Olympic Lifts. From this viewpoint, the Olympic Lifts can be readily understood as an expression of athletic movement, analogous to the demands of other sports and physical disciplines (especially CrossFit!).

And of course you may ask ANY questions throughout the duration of the seminar. Expect to be with us for bout 5 hours. Gnarly Nutrition will be proving protein shakes. I will be providing doughnuts.