If you are like me, more than likely you will be hurtin' a little bit in the hamstrings and lower back.  Hopefully you have a foam roller, a lacrosse or tennis ball, or something at home to help you roll out and stretch those areas.  If not, try and get into the gym early before your class to hit some of these areas.  Some advice, DO NOT go straight to the foam rollers and just lay on the ground like a dead fish and foam roll.  The first thing you should do is warm up some of those sore muscles.  Run a 400, do some rowing, air squats, whatever, THEN stretch and roll those muscles.  Your muscles will respond a lot better when they have some increased blood flow to them first.   

Heads up, there's some burps in the workout, check out this article on getting prepared for a lot of them.



A. 10x2 Split Jerks @70-80% of C&J max

B. TABATA Handstand holds

3 Rounds
30 secs of Burpees
30 secs of BB Lunges 95/65
30 secs of pull ups
-Rest 3mins after each rounds-