We've got a lot of Squat Cleans and Front Squats coming up today, so I thought it would be a good idea to give some ideas on working on wrist mobility.  

1.  A basic place to start is by making a fist and rolling your wrists around feeling out for tender or stiff areas.  Focus on those areas and try to get some extra stretching in those areas.  Press into those areas for around 30 seconds, release, and repeat a few times.  You can do this during the day.

2. Get down on your hands and knees, and square up with your knees facing forward, place your finger tips to your knees, and let the back of your hands sink down to the ground.  Hold it here for at least a minute.  After that, rotate our hands, touch your fingertips to your knees, and then let the palm of your hands sink to the ground.  Then sink back and touch your butt to your heels while trying to keep your palm on the ground.  Hold this for at least a minute.  Alternate between these two positions several times.

3. Work on your wrist mobility while holding the front rack position.  Your grip on the bar should remain just wider than your shoulders and under the bar, palms facing up. To maintain this position, you must push your elbows up. The elevation of your elbows requires your wrists to bend heavily, and this can take some practice.  Start with a light weight and keep add periodically.


8x3 Hang clean @ 65% of last weeks(7/2) or 60% of max

Front squats 135/95
Box Jumps 32/24"