Motivation is a massive subject with a ton of research and scholarly work behind it that today's blog will only scratch the surface of and I am probably biting off more than I can chew but I'll just take a stab at it by looking into what intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are and go from there.

I like pictures because they're simple and can convey an entire paragraph in a quick look-over. So the bare bones difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation?


The following is based on a study of students, but it is also relevant for all of us in pursuit of improving our physical capacity:

Students are likely to be intrinsically motivated if they:
  • attribute their educational results to factors under their own control, also known as autonomy
  • believe they have the skills to be effective agents in reaching their desired goals, also known as self-efficacy beliefs
  • are interested in mastering a topic, not just in achieving good grades [1]

Sound familiar? Totally. I know it is for all of you fine wonderful folk at Elevation Nation, because I see you all show up day in and day out, on days you are absolutely dreading, and days you are ecstatic about, because you're intrinsically motivated. Motivation from that vs. extrinsic is the kind that keeps you consistent and coming back. Even if it does suck.

1. Wigfield, A., Guthrie, J. T., Tonks, S., & Perencevich, K. C. (2004). Children's motivation for reading: Domain specificity and instructional influences. Journal of Educational Research, 97, 299-309.

Oly Wall Squat with Ext. Rotation

8x2 Snatch @60-70%

-rest 45secs-

A1. 3x4 HSPU negatives (5 sec descent)

rest 30 secs
A2. 3xME L-sit or tuck sit


Push Press 135/95
Burpee box jump 32/24"