Hey folks! I've been MIA and fighting off this gnarly run in with poison ivy but I've got some good things to share with you all in the coming days, even from afar from my new humid hot pot of a home called Houston. 

We spend a ton of time talking about how to do things better, how to mobilize and get at those sticky points so we can become all the more supple and primed for mechanically efficient movements, but we don't ever spend too much time on the mental aspect. How we self-talk and intrinsically or extrinsically motivate ourselves to keep pushing can determine just how far and where we go to find our physical bounds and, existentially, in life.  The mind often stalls sooner than the body.  This week will focus on motivations and some things from a different perspective that just might help you push yourself further than before. I'll start off light with this video from CF with Greg Admundson (old school!)  Great talk by an OG Firebreather and gives you an idea of how CF level 1's use to be.  More on motivation tomorrow. 

"The greatest adaption to CrossFit takes places between your ears"

Bilateral Shoulder Flexion


EMOM for 8 mins
2 Strict press + 2 Push press@65% of strict

A1. 2xME Ring Rows
A2. 2x10 KB/DB Bent rows

10 min AMRAP

75 DU
10 Deadlifts 225/155