The goblet squat is a newer squat variation developed by Dan John, who is a long-time famed strength and conditioning coach. The goblet squat teaches two things: one, it patterns an up-right torso through the squat's ROM, and second, it teaches you to squat between the legs. The up-right torso positioning (similar to the front squat) means you recruit your quads more than your posterior chain, but if you've been a shallow squatter for a while, this is an excellent tool for developing the back squat in depth with the correct posture, or for those who lack mobility in their ankles, wrists, lats, or have a shoulder injury. 

Equipment with the goblet squat is versatile-you can use a dumbbell or one to two kettlebells. 

Dan John going over the goblet squat during a kettlebell cert.

A1. 5x3 Strict Press @ 75%

(3 sec descent to shoulders)
-Rest 30 secs-
A2. 5x10 Strict pull ups
-rest 1 min-

KBS 55/35
Goblet squats 55/35

Bully Ext. Bias