Today's MOB features a muscle that most of us probably have not heard of before, the psoas (soh-ahy), unless you've injured it or come across it during yoga (generally). I only came across this muscle in college when I strained it playing rugby.  So what is this muscle exactly and why is it important to us in our journey of fitness? 

The psoas is a deep in the belly, which runs from spine to the femur. The psoas is joined at the hip, literally, by the iliacus, which travels from hip to thigh. Together, the psoas and iliacus make up the iliopsoas--the body's most powerful hip flexor.

It is a part of every movement we do that involves flexing our leg, such as jumping, walking, and running, AND in maintaining good posture. Maintaining good posture is a coordinated effort of core muscles--abs, obliques, lower back, and the psoas to stabilize your midsection and pelvis. 

As active people and crossfitters engaging in intense and dynamic movement, we are constantly blasting these muscles. Muscular differences from one side from the other is common and reinforced by repetitive movement.  

That said, our constant movement is not the only reason for tight psoae; our hours sitting at a desk in a chair puts our psoae in a contracted position that remains (because of muscle memory) even after we leave the office.  So between our time sitting in a chair and hitting it hard during our WODs, our psoae aren't getting a break; let's start giving it a bit love and you'll feel all the better for it. 

A. Banded elbow extension 
B. Psoas Smash and Floss

A1. Power position Clean +Jerk 5x2+1@70-75%
A2. 5x10 GHD sit ups

Burpee broad jumps
Hang power clean 135/95#