A few words on the squat jerk and what it is:

"Done after a full squat clean, you dip and drive the barbell up and instead of splitting your legs fore and aft, you drop into a full squat with the barbell directly over your head and your feet widen just a little.  It's very spectacular and dramatic and I always wondered why it is done because it is two full squats with maximum weights.  This lift requires tremendous shoulder flexibility.  You know how hard overhead squats are with a snatch grip; now imagine doing an overhead squat with a clean grip." - Jim Schmitz 

The video below is of US Olympic lifter Cara Heads, who typically does the squat jerk following her clean.  We won't be doing squat jerks today, rather, we will be working on developing the shoulder flexibility and strength that is necessary for the movement. 

16 mins of Shoulder, hip, and thoracic spine mobility

Broad Jump Test. Find max jump in 10 mins

Push Ups
Toe to Rings
Snatch (75/45)
*25 DUs every 3 mins