The muscle up (MU) is essentially a pull up followed by a dip. Many of us have the strength for a pull up and a dip, but there's the transition between the two that adds an additional degree of strength and coordination required. 

The video belows touches on the technique and development of that proximal (close to the body) pull that tends to be the sticking point for many people working on their MU. There's a few things Russell brings up in a video, "Getting Better at the Muscle Up" that you can utilize to develop that proximal strength and motion through the transition. Those cues are the same thing that you'd hear and go through during the Level 1 Class. 

As we work on our MU transitions, let's think about the following:

The muscle-up, Berger explains, is really just pulling the rings to your chest and then rotating yourself into position on top of them.

“I’m not actually going up and down,” Berger notes. “All this is is me rotating my … shoulder below to over top by pulling my hands back into my armpits and dropping my chest towards the floor.”

That said, if you have your pull up and dip strength down, spend most of your time today developing that proximal strength and motion. If not, pull up and dip strength development will be your focus. 

A. 3 Position Clean (Power, Hang, Floor) 5 Sets Inc. Wt. with sets (50->75%)
B. Tempo HBBS 3020 4 x 6 @ 65-75%

SKILL15 minutes MU work. 

Hang Power Snatches (95/65)
Burpees over the Box (24/20)