The first WOD of the 2014 Open will be announced tomorrow! Are you ready for the Open?


Last time we talked about rowing, we discussed the different phases of the movement: drive and recovery. This time we will delve into the breathing techniques for the movement. Your breathing rhythm will relate to your rowing cadence; when rowing at lower intensities one breath per stroke is typical and may go up to two breaths per stroke at higher intensities. 

You could take some time to figure out your personal preference/optimization at higher intensities. The following is from Concept 2's webpage on breathing technique:

  • During low intensity rowing (one breath)—Exhale gradually on the drive, expelling all remaining air at the finish. Inhale on the recovery.
  • During high intensity rowing (two breaths)—Exhale as you finish the drive. During the recovery, inhale, then exhale quickly. Inhale again just before the catch.

Figuring out your rhythm is vital-it literally ensures you are supplying enough oxygen to your brain and the rest of your body throughout the exercise. Being more optimal with your movements and breathing makes a tough workout somewhat easier than what it would be. 


A1. 3 x 6 HSPU (5 secs down)

A2. 3 x ME hollow rock holds


Buy in: Row 1000m
3 rounds
15 box jumps 24/20
10 Push press 115/75#
Buy out: Row 1000m