Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Two of Crossfit Elevation's most handsome gentlemen are competing in WOD 4 Toys. It is a competition being held at Crossfit Salvo in Brighton. The address is 975 Platte River Blvd. The Elevation Nation must unite and cheer on two behemoths of the gym. Two titans of the box. Two wild and crazy guys! Ben and Dan are putting their collective skin in the game, and seeing who is the fittest. Don't know who they are? Here is a little program guide of our competitors:

Name: Ben Dion

AKA: Killer B, North American Rowing Champion

Occupation: Lawyer

Marital Status: Married to Jamie for 8 years

How did you find CrossFit: Ben and Jamie started researching the Paleo Diet and Crossfit kept coming up as a workout program favored by Paleo dieters, so they thought they would give it a try.

Favorite Exercise/Workout: Anything with rowing.

Least Favorite: Overhead Squats

Favorite Movie: Tombstone

Night Before Meal: Something with sweet potatoes and "some meat and then some more meat."

Night After Meal: Nothing planned, probably something Paleo

Favorite Sports Teams: Chelsea Football Club, Denver Nuggets

If you could invite a player from either team to watch you on Saturday, who would it be? Fernando Torres, to keep Jamie company.

If you were a piece of food what would you be? Doughnut. "As we all know, Doughnuts get it done!"


Name: Dan Melluzo

AKA: The Maniac, That dude from Boulder

Occupation: Researcher, Statistical Consultant

Marital Status: Married to Holly for 2 years.

How did you find CrossFit: A friend turned him on to it.

Favorite Exercise/Workout: High Bar Back Squats, and Deadlifts.

Least Favorite: Burpees

Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski

Night Before Meal: Whatever my wife makes, maybe stirfry.

Night After Meal: Nachos.

Favorite Sports Teams: Boston Celtics.

If you could invite a player from the Celtics, past or present, to watch you on Saturday, who would it be? Larry Bird

If you were a piece of food what would you be? A meatball. Because I am Italian and spicy!

Today's WOD:

5X3 Snatch Hi Pulls

3X3 Snatch Deadlifts

3X15 GHD Hip Extensions

4 Rounds:

15 Wallballs 20/14#

15 T2B

*10 min cap

If you ask any coach at Crossfit Elevation what their favorite lifts are, undoubtedly the response will be any one of the Olympic lifts. The Snatch, the Clean and the Jerk are truly where the rubber meets the road in our strength and conditioning program. When done properly, a person can train eight out of the ten general skills of fitness. They are cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, speed, power, agility, accuracy, flexibility, coordination, and balance. I don't think I need to argue to preform a proper snatch you need everything except endurance and stamina.  The Olympic lifts are also generally the most technical and hardest to learn of any movement in CrossFit. That is why, starting last month, we have changed our programming of them in a way that should make it a little easier to learn. We are going to break down the movements over the course of a few months and practice drills, such as hi-pulls and deadlifts and overhead squats in order to try to make learning the full lifts easier and not so frustrating. Its something we are trying, we need feedback. If you feel this does not work, it is too confusing, or you simply don't like it let us know. We are striving for virtuosity, and for having a great snatch (boom, it had to be done).

This is from Catalyst Athletics:

"Great snatching happens when the bar tucks right into that hip notch at the top of the thigh and then the athletes can just drive their hips and extend upwards with all the murderous force they can muster. If the arms can then be used properly to keep the bar close to the torso and stick the lockout over the ears, you’ve got perfection. You’ve mastered the hardest movement that can be performed with a barbell."

Top Scores

Men: Whippet 6:44 Rx+, Schmidty 7:10 Rx, Tommy 7:23 Rx

Women: Dr. Sunshine 5:42, Meg 6:18, Casey 7:11