Awesome first day of testing! It was great to see some new PRs and big numbers go up onto the board and have some of our other members redo 14.1 and score higher than their initial attempt.

Day Two of Testing will feature a moderate length row or run and a sprint row or run after your desired amount of time for rest. If you have done the 2k row within the past month or so, do the run. If you haven't done either, your choice. After the first test, take the rest you need, but start your sprint test no later than 15 mins before the end of the hour. 

Take some time to mobilize and open your hips up before embarking on today's test. With all the time many of us spend sitting behind the desk, driving, or otherwise, our hip flexors get use to being contracted and short. The two mobilizing exercises in the video below work on opening our hip flexors back up. The first exercise is essentially the Samson stretch with a little bit more help from the band to extend the hip flexors and the second is a lunge in depth off the box-a variation of the couch stretch. The video starts when he sets up the first exercise, but if you have time, watch from start to finish to understand better the functionality of these mobility pieces. 

Endurance Test:
2k Row or
1 mile run
then after desired rest:
500 m row sprint or
400 m sprint