Set up is sooooo important in our Olympic lifts. This is one of the reasons why many of our drills have you hang out in that starting position for a while. Tomorrow we are working on snatch pulls so focus on getting into perfect position at the start. Bar over the knuckles of your toes, chest up, shoulders back, straight back. This is the drill I quickly go through in my head before each lift and you should build in a couple of quick cue's to make sure you are in the proper position each time also. The more you drill in that position (muscle memory) the easier it is to keep proper form when we are doing a WOD like Isabel where you will be tired and form usually starts to deteriorate after tons of reps. "If you start with a shitty set up you are going to have a shitty lift." I'm not sure which one of the coaches told me that when I first started crossfitting but it's true and easy to remember. 


Check out this Chinese dude snatching 150kg's (that's 330lbs for my fellow metrically challenged friends). Most of the coaches have "coaches eye" or a similar app on our phones if you want us to ever record a lift for you. Take special note of his set up at the 5 second mark. 

A. 8x 2+2
Snatch Deadlift +Snatch pulls@90-100% of snatch max

Run 400m
20 KB snatches 55/35
30 KBS 55/35
Run 400m
20 KB snatches
30 KBS
Run 400m