This Saturday the gym has 4 athletes competing in very different competitions. Theresa will be in Dallas competing at the American Open, Olympic weightlifting meet. Ben and Dan will be in Brighton giving their best at WOD 4 Toys, a CrossFit competition. Stephanie Travers will be running the Fa-la-la Half Marathon in Westminster. All four of them will be facing many different challenges. For the Colorado competitors, weather (extreme cold to be honest) will make a tough situation even harder. Theresa will be indoors, however her "tough conditions" will lie in her rivals, as well as the stage on which she is competing. The American Open is arguably the biggest Olympic Weightlifting meet for amateurs in the nation. These athletes will be pushing their bodies and minds like never before. Saturday will create a stimulus that is almost impossible to simulate in training. Their bodies will be what I call "beautifully broken". Our brave four will not get better during the activity, but in the days following. It is during this period of recovery that they will reap the benefits of their Herculean effort.

What is recovery? What is rest? Is there a difference between the two? The blog Whole 9 does a very nice job of describing the difference between rest and recovery and discusses the importance of dealing with stress.

The website gives a great example of what a proper recovery game plan should entail.

Today's WOD:

1 RM Front Squat

A) 4X3 Weighted Pullup, B) 4XME L-Sit.  This will be performed as a superset, no rest between exercises.  Do not confuse this with the conditioning! We care about form, weight, and time under tension, not how fast you complete the four rounds.

3 Rounds


20 (10/10) Front Rack Lunges 115/78#

*12 min cap

Top Scores

Men: Sprinks 6:02 Rx, Steamer 6:15 Rx, Topo 5:41 (95#)

Women: Maris 5:18, Maggie 5:41, Casey 7:23