When American weightlifting coaches remind us that the Olympic weightlifters from other countries are using steroids and we’re not, they are actually reminding us that they are stronger than we are.
— Mark Rippetoe

This quote is from an article Mr. Rippetoe wrote. He discussed the opinion that Olympic weightlifting was not adequate strength training. He brought up a great point. The snatch and clean & jerk are expressions of power. Power is strength displayed quickly. From that statement alone you can see how being stronger can make you more powerful. I will do the article justice and let you read it, but I feel that this understanding should give you a little more motivation to make sure you regularly come to class and focus on our strength program. A few months ago we changed the way we strength trained, mostly at our clients behest. Before, the Olympic lifts and their "accessory" lifts (hi-pulls, hangs, etc.) were the bulk of our training. Now we concentrate on the tried and true lifts to develop pure strength. Have you noticed we squat a little more, we bench and press more, and now we are deadlifting regularly? This change does not mean we have fallen out of love with the snatch and clean & jerk. Every coach at Elevation still holds them in high esteem. We just realized that if you are stronger you can express a great deal more power. We also want to remind everyone that the Olympic lifts are tricky and need consistent practice. They are not completely out of our program, just reduced slightly. A great compliment to the weekly classes is our Barbell Club. If you have not attended the class on Sunday at 10 am, I would highly recommend it. It has become a staple of my training, and it seems like every class comes with a new PR or flaw corrected. The coaching is not the only draw, the attitude and feel is unlike any other class we offer. It is a much more relaxed and social environment. Do yourself a favor and show how powerful you can be at the next Barbell Club.  

Today's WOD

5X2 Hang Snatch from the hip

6X3/6 FS/HBBS @85%

Every 2 minutes:

40 DU, 5 Deadlifts @

135/98#, 155/108, 175/118, 195/128, 215/138, 235/148, 255/158, 275/168