Today we are going back in time and unearthing a workout that I said I would never do again. I know the first of the year is not even here yet, and I am already talking about the CrossFit Open. But I feel having a little "stress test" this early will give us some time to work on weaknesses before the season begins. Starting next Tuesday we will be running last years open workouts once a week every Tuesday. This will give some of you, who competed in the Open, a chance to see improvement. This will give others, who just started CrossFit, a chance to see what the first steps towards the Games are like. Tomorrow will be a little taste, an hors d'oeuvre if you will. Think of it like a stuffed jalapeño; small, simple, doesn't seem like much, but it packs a punch and it leaves you with painful acid reflux. So what is this WOD, that I already know will not let me sleep well tonight? It is the first workout from the 2012 Open, 7 minutes of burpees. Not that impressed, wait until you do it. The world record, 161 burpees, is held by two men, Scott Panchik and Danila Shokhin. We will not be doing it with quite the same standards, to save time. The standards for the open were measuring a target 6" above your reach. Our standards will be the same as usual, jump and clap above your head, with your hips fully extended. Danila is Russian and sent in his video for everyone to judge. Watching 7 minutes of burpees is pretty close to watching paint dry. His effort is pretty incredible, but it is about 150 burpees more than I care to watch. However if you have some time to kill, here is what badass looks like:



Today's WOD

5X5 Deadlift @75% of 1 RM

5X3 Push Press

A) 3XME T2B, B) 3X3/3 TGU

7 min AMRAP

1 Burpee

If you want to do it according to the Open standards and measure a target, please either come in a little early and set it up, or come to an open gym.

This is a great video to help prepare and spruce up your burpee form: