With the CrossFit Games right around the corner (more info to come on our viewing party) I am really starting to get pumped to watch the best athletes in the world compete! Sadly however it looks like this may be the last year Chris Spealler will be competing. For real this time he says. For those of you who don't know who "Spealler" is here is a quick run down of some of his credentials:

  • 7 Time CrossFit Games competitor
  • 106 Max Rep Pull Ups
  • 1:44 "Grace" Time
  • 2:08 "Fran" Time
  • 380# Back Squat
  • 230# Snatch

Oh yeah, did I mention dude is all of 5'5" 150lbs!?!?! Being a smaller guy myself I definitely look up to Spealler and am looking forward to cheering for him one last time. This is a guy who seriously shouldn't be here right? Next weekend he will be competing with guys who average about 5 inches taller and 50-60lbs more than himself. Even though I have seen him do it time and time again it still amazes me that he can go toe to toe with the big guys at the highest level of competition.

Years down the road when we are thinking of the "Mount Rushmore" if you will of CrossFit there will be of course Rich Froning, Founder Greg Glassman, maybe Annie Thorisdottir and if I have a vote I'm putting Spealler on there too. Check out the video below where Spealler talks about competing for the last time at the Games. 

10 mins to work to 5RM strict press


3min AMRAP
5 hang power snatches 95/65
30 DU
-rest 3mins-
3min AMRAP
5 Burpees
10 Front squats 95/65
-rest 3 mins-
3min AMRAP
5 Hang power snatches
30 DU