Who's ready for some more thrusters!?!?! Ok I'm sure all of you are out there reading this on your computer or phone and you are just giddy with excitement right? Ok well maybe if you happened to hit Fran the other weekend and then Scott's class Sunday morning you might think you have had your fill of thrusters for the month but nope they just keep on coming. Well me and my good friends Jason Khalipa and Kelly Starret (oh you didn't know we go way back?) are here to help you out with one of the more common problems when doing thrusters. In the first video from Khalipa I want you to focus on the first half where he explains the dangers and the extra work that your back has to do when you let your elbows drop. 


Now I'll be the first to admit I need to put in some extra work on my mobility and when I look around the gym I see I'm not alone in that regard. This is always evident when we are doing some front squats or thrusters when people are struggling to get those elbows up in a 90 degree angle. Another problem however sometimes is not only the mobility but also too narrow of a grip. Take a look at the second video below with Kelly Starret as he breaks down the external rotation in the front rack position and moving your hands a bit more outside to create a more stable position. 

10 mins to work to 3RM Push Jerk

EMOM for 5 mins
3 Push Jerk @90% above

Thrusters 95/65
Ring dips