This is a helpful video with a few drills to develop a stable handstand hold. A few main points are:

  • A bumper plate is a simple tool for the athlete holding a bumper plate held overhead.   Squeeze the butt and bring down the rib cage with the abs; this drill also eliminates the excessive lower-back arch often seen in inverted athletes.
  • Next, do a half wall walk and hold the body at a 45-degree angle to the floor. This position teaches you how to press into the floor, creating an active position characterized by straight elbows and midline stability.
  • Once you're comfortable with the half-wall, progress to wall-facing handstands with only the toes touching the wall.  Lastly, try to remove the toes from the wall to find balance in the strong support position.

1x20 HBBS

Handstand holds

50 DU

6 KB snatch 55/35
40 DU
12 KB snatches
30 DU
18 KB snatches
20 DU
24 KB snatches
10 DU
30 KB snatches

Wrist circuit or Banded Elbow Distraction