Today we'll talk about the first rib. There's tends to be some confusion when we talk about the first rib and direct people to feeling for that notch that's right above your collarbone and below your traps. Working the first rib becomes important for us because a few of your scalene muscles connect to the first rib, as well as part of your serratus and subclavius.

The subclavius is a triangular muscle that connects your first rib to your collar bone. It draws your collar bone down and forward, or for elevating and expanding your ribs during forced inspiration aka heavy breathing. Your serratus connects at the front of your ribs and wraps around to your back, connecting to the inside surface of your shoulder blade and its main actions are to control the shoulder when pushing (bench press, push-ups) and keep the shoulder blade articulating and moving correctly over the back of your shoulder. It also assists in supporting weight on the shoulders (front rack position), raising the shoulder (shrug), and stabilizing your shoulder capsule as your arm is overhead. We spend time a lot of time mobilizing our lateral shoulder (part of shoulder closest to the spine vs lateral-away from spine)  and lats, but forget that there's a whole other side to our shoulder. So do one side and see how it compares to the unmobilized side. The difference is astounding. 

Notice the location of the first rib-Right under your clavicle.

"Beauty Queen" 1st Rib Overhead MOB
Ankle with Lacrosse Ball Whack

A. HBBS 1x20 @5lbs more from previous
B. KB/DB 5x10 Bent over rows

10 min AMRAP
15 wall balls 20/14
10 pull ups
20 sit ups