Today we'll spend some more time working on our muscle ups. We've incorporated ring work such as ring push ups, ring rows, and ring dips to develop this strength for the muscle up. We'll get more time today working on our transitions, especially with the whipping of the elbows up and behind our shoulders. 

Check out the video below for one of the smoothest strict muscle ups you may ever see. It's legit and the rest of his ring work is great as well. The iron cross he drops into at the :39 min mark is superb. He does a second one later and makes it look just as effortless as if he had just gotten on the rings. 

5 min squat therapy

15 min MU Progression

"Tailpipe" Partner WOD
3 Rounds:
Partner 1 rows 250m
Partner 2 holds 2 KB (55/35 each) in rack position
*Partners alternate with end of 250m row.