Today's skill set will involve handstand shoulder touches and headstand tripods. They may seen disconnected but they are very much the foundation of getting a handstand pushup (HSPU). When you think about it, the stability in an extended and dynamic position of the HSPU could be expressed, somewhat, through one shifting weight from one arm to the other-shoulder touches. With shoulder touches, we touch (no pun intended) on one component of the HSPU, which is strength and stability in that extended position. 

Depending on your strength, we can incorporate shoulder touches in the plank position and in the invert position, whether it's against the wall or box. There are variations to building this strength and coordination and I'd encourage you to try a variation that pushes your limits!

In the next part skill section, we work on our tripod headstands, which represent the far end of the range of motion for HSPU; here the elbows are in flexion. We won't quite get into going from the bottom position of the HSPU to the top position just quite yet. In this position, we are only seeking to get comfortable in the inverted position and ensure we have the appropriate levels of midline stability for the HSPU. 

Once we get comfortable in these two positions, we will work in some drills for the kip out of the headstand tripod position into the extended position of the HSPU. Excited? I am! Stay tuned!


A. Snatch Pulls+ Triple Ext./High muscle snatch + OHS: 5 x 3+2+1 @ 65-75%
B. Shoulder Touches (in handstand) 3 x 10
C. 10 min of Tripod headstand practice (against wall or freestanding)