The hanging L-Sit is an isometric bodyweight movement that requires shoulder strength to hang from the bar and hip and mid-line strength to hold the legs in the air. It's a demanding movement with the amount of control and strength required to hold the body in that position.

Flexibility plays a role in the movement as well; hamstring and shoulder mobility can dictate your success. Tight hamstrings make attaining the position itself more difficult and you’ll expend a lot more energy in keeping your knees and back straight. Also, if your chest and shoulders are so tight that you can’t keep you shoulder blades pulled down and back, your L-Sit is going to suffer for it.

Practicing the L-Sit on the floor or on parallettes are suitable progressions for the L-Sit on the bar if you're new to L-Sits. 


A1. 3 x ME Hanging L-Sit from pull up bar
A2. 3 x 15 Parallette push ups


5 min AMRAP
40 mountain climbers
15 Thrusters 95/65#
-Rest 5 mins-
5 min AMRAP
30 mountain climbers
10 Thrusters