The Games Are (Nearly) Upon Us

Reading or hearing that phrase can conjure up a range of emotions for any CrossFit Athlete. Excitement, anticipation, and maybe even dread for the veteran CrossFitter. For someone new to the community, the typical reaction is usually… confusion.

What are the CrossFit Games? Who competes? When and where does this all happen? 

Quite simply, the CrossFit Games are a series of CrossFit events/competitions designed to find and award the "Fittest On Earth". To those within the CrossFit community, the Games are so much more than that. What the World Series is to baseball fans, the Super Bowl is to football fans, the World Cup is to soccer fans- well, you get the picture. The CrossFit Games are our big, annual, worldwide championship. Ask any CrossFit athlete and they’ll likely tell you their favorite Games competitor, who they think will take the title this year, and be able to recap some incredible WOD performance from years past. 

The Games are more nuanced than the typical professional sports annual competition. The beauty of CrossFit, and of the CrossFit Games, is that anyone- and we mean ANYONE- can compete. The Games as a whole are a series of three major events: the Open, Regionals, and the Games. The Open is just that: a five-week, open competition where anyone can register and participate. Athletes worldwide compete and are judged in their home Box. Top performing athletes from the Open advance to Regionals, which occur over three days in larger locations, across seventeen regions. Top performers from Regionals advance to the Games- another three day competition in Southern California. Typically, the Open occurs February-March, Regionals happen later in the spring, and the Games culminate in summer. Every single athlete who hopes to compete at the final Games level MUST start at the bottom, with the rest of us. The Open is nearly here, and the athletes and coaches at CrossFit Elevation are ready!


Five Weeks, Five Workouts 

The countdown to the Open is currently at twenty-one days; the Open begins on February 27th, 2014. The Open lasts for five weeks: one workout per week, each week. The Open does have some very specific rules that must be followed, especially if an athlete hopes to go to regionals. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Any athletes who are serious about competing, or just want to see their name on the worldwide leaderboard must register with CrossFit. 
  • The workout of the week is announced each week, on Thursdays, at 5pm PST. No one knows the workout before then! The announcement is followed by a demonstration WOD by the world’s top CrossFit Games athletes. 
  • Each participating athlete has 4 days to complete the workout. They may do it as many times as they want and submit their best score at the end. All Open WODs must be completed and have scores submitted by Sunday at 5pm PST, following the Thursday announcement. 
  • Athlete scores must be validated by a CrossFit accredited judge. Coaches in the gym will have been certified to judge and score the Open workouts. 
  • Athletes submit and track their progress online, giving each of us the unique opportunity to see where we sit on a regional and global leaderboard. We also keep a gym-wide leaderboard!
  • At CrossFit Elevation, we dedicate our Friday Night Lights workouts to the Open. All officially registered athletes must do the workout as prescribed; there is no scaling. Other CrossFit Elevation athletes may scale the workout and participate, even if they aren’t registering for the Open. If you aren’t up for doing the Open workouts, come on down Friday nights to cheer on your fellow athletes! It’s a party every week. 

The Magic of CrossFit

The excitement and magic of the CrossFit Games really comes from the community aspect of CrossFit as a whole. Anyone who has gone to a local competition, or even just watched their fellow athletes complete a WOD, understands the camaraderie that occurs from watching someone do the very same workout you’ve done before. The relate-ability of a CrossFit competition is unparalleled in most other sports, thus the excitement is palatable. There’s a level of understanding when we see someone struggle, and an even greater appreciation of the triumph when that athlete succeeds. This is why we love the Games, and this is why we celebrate and participate in the Open. 

Get Registered

If you want to learn more about the Open, or the Games in general, visit games.crossfit.com

If you want to officially participate in the Open, register here:


Remember, each Friday night we’ll be doing and judging the current Open workout. The first workout is announced Thursday February 27th!

Open WOD 14.1 will commence at CrossFit Elevation on Friday, February 28th.