CrossFit is a tough journey, but it’s worth it. It requires hard work, sweat, discipline, and perseverance. Our lives are filled with challenges, obstacles, and sometimes even setbacks. And although every person’s road is unique, it is not a solo journey because we are all here to support and celebrate each other! 

This month will feature Adam Loner, who is a relatively new face in the the gym. He's made great gains as an athlete through consistent work in mobilizing, showing up every day, and taking on the challenge of learning new things.

Name: Adam Loner

Age: 27 on Sunday

Occupation: Insurance Agent/Broker

How long have you been training here? About 70 days

How did you get started in CF? Come January, I had been on a self-motivated fitness kick since October 2013 and knew this cool cat Chris Bossom who did this thing called CrossFit. I had heard some mention of CrossFit around the traditional gym I worked out at. Most of it was jokes about working out in matching t-shirts, but it really remained a mystery to me. I found myself plateauing in my fitness mostly because of a deep loathing of cardio as a recovering smoker. The more I learned about fitness, the more I realized how little I understood it. I knew I needed guidance and support if I was ever going to reach of my goals, I had to make a change to keep the progress in motion.

Thankfully, Chris blew up my Facebook newsfeed at just the right time to remind me that there are other fitness options out there than being a 'Mirror Monkey'. So I landed an intro with Micro and the rest is history, my plateau has turned back into an incline, I'm makeing new like minded friends and I think its safe to say that I'm guzzling the 'Koolaid'. I've found that the community of Crossfit offers both support and inspiration from everyone you workout with and meet along the way. In conclusion, the CF Elevation shirts do look good on EVERYBODY!

Favorite workout? Cindy

Least Favorite workout? Karen, I mean come on!

Biggest accomplishment here? There are too many to choose from between increasing all of my maximums including bench press, running a 7 minute mile, or preforming the first snatch of my life.

Hardest thing you have learned here? Discovering my weaknesses and how much they hold me back.

Favorite nutritional tip? Food prep. I've found the best way to eat healthy and consume what I need to keep growing athletically during my busy life is to prepare as much food as possible at a time. On Sunday I usually grill up days worth of meats, cut up several bushels of broccoli and bake a few whole sweet potatoes. Not having to cook during the week is the best stress relief!

Favorite healthy recipe or meal? Pork chops with apple sauce, bacon brussels sprouts, and a whole avocado is my dinner probably 4 or 5 times a week.

Most helpful recovery tip? AMYAP...As much yoga as possible

Advice for beginners? Determine specific goals and stick to a routine. Show up early and learn everything you can about mobility because injuries suck, especially when you get hooked on progress.