Ben hitting a PR snatch

CrossFit is a tough journey, but it’s worth it. It requires hard work, sweat, discipline, and perseverance. Our lives are filled with challenges, obstacles, and sometimes even setbacks. And although every person’s road is unique, it is not a solo journey because we are all here to support and celebrate each other! 

This month will feature Ben Dion, who is a force to reckon with in the the gym. The "One Man Swarm" is a beast on the erg and has steadily improved his Oly Lifting (it's tough for a tall guy!). He is the face of consistent and hard work through daily mobilizing and taking on the challenge of learning new things. He recently participated in the Atlas Blarney Stone Competion by Per Ignem CrossFit and placed 3rd in the Open Division with Tommy, Kristine, and his wife Jamie. 

Name: Ben Dion

Age: 32

Occupation: Attorney(ish) - Anybody hiring ;)

How long have you been training here? 16 months

How did you get started in CF? Jamie and I started eating paleo and the more we Googled it, the more CrossFit came up. After around four months we decided to give CrossFit a try and actually found Elevation by mistake, but we fell in love with it and haven't looked back since.

Favorite workout? If it involves wallballs and/or rowing, I'm probably a fan...

Least Favorite workout? I can already sense everyone reading this rolling their eyes, but I l would say I like every workout; I now recognize the things I might have answered this with in the past as opportunities to improve and look forward to them almost as much as things I like doing. Much to Jamie's chagrin, as she now gets annoyed at me that I no longer sympathize when she's looking to groan about the next day's workout posted on the blog.

Biggest accomplishment here? It's a tie between getting kick-ass nickname(s): Killer B or One Man Swarm; and being the reigning North American Rowing Champion belt holder.

Hardest thing you have learned here? That the only way you actually improve is by attacking your weaknesses, not by cherry-picking the WODs you're good at or really want to do.

Favorite nutritional tip? Bacon makes everything better!

Favorite healthy recipe or meal? Well Fed's Chinese 5-Spice ribs.

Most helpful recovery tip? Try to stay ahead of it: stay and roll out or mobilize after the workout and take advantage of yoga!

Advice for beginners: Be patient! Even if you have a good sense of who you are and what you can do, it can be hard at times to ignore the temptation to throw some extra weight on when you see what everyone else is doing and pushing it too much. But at the same time, once you begin to feel comfortable with lifts and movements, you can't be afraid to push yourself and go a little heavier than you did last time or than you were originally planning. It can be a difficult balancing act to master, so ask our great coaches for advice if you're unsure.

L-R: Tommy, Ben, Jamie, and Kristine. Their team, Boom! Roasted! placed 3rd in the Team Open Division