Hey Elevation Nation! We are bringing back a monthly series that highlights our athletes at CFE.

CrossFit is a tough journey, but it’s worth it. It requires hard work, sweat, discipline, and perseverance. Our lives are filled with challenges, obstacles, and sometimes even setbacks. And although every person’s road is unique, it is not a solo journey because we are all here to support and celebrate each other! 

This month will feature Kristine Heck, who has been a consistent force in the gym and consistently improving her strength, speed, and fitness.


Age: 34

Occupation: Critical Care Nurse

How long I've been at CF Elevation: 1.5 years, wow, time flies when you're having fun.

How did I get started? I first heard of CrossFit from a friend while I was in the Air Force back in 2006 while stationed in Monterey CA. At the time I was pretty much only running and doing some random strength training sprinkled in here and there, nothing consistent. A friend told me about these crazy workouts he was doing with some Navy Seals. He said it was called CrossFit. It sounded cool, but I was like, umm, I can't do a pull up and I don't want to look like a spaz in front of a some of Navy Seals. So over the next few years CF obviously got more popular and more of my military friends were getting into it and I kept thinking it was something I would like, but I kept finding excuses for not trying it out. After moving to Denver in 2012 I realized I needed to do something different. I hated running and I wanted something that was going to be intense, challenging and incorporate a strength element. Since I didn't know a lot of people in the area, I figured it would also be a good way to at least meet others that shared a common interest. I googled CF gyms in my neighborhood, checked out some websites and got up the nerve to actually talk to someone about it in person. In retrospect, I don't know why I was so nervous and why I put it off for so long.

Favorite workout? Hmm.... I like anything with wall balls and since we just did Karen and it's all wall balls, I'm gonna have to go with that one.

Least favorite workout? I can't really say I have a "least" favorite workout. I think during most of the workouts there's a sense of dread before it starts and a moment of "I hate this" during the workout but overall, I am one of those weirdos that likes getting her ass kicked on a consistent basis. Okay, 14.1 could be my least favorite mainly because I was pretty pissed at myself for my lack of strategy and ability when it came to the double unders. Oh well, motivation for something new to work on.

My biggest accomplishment? There have been many small ones over the past year and a half. I'd have to say doing a pull up being the most recent and biggest. Granted, its just one, but it's something I'd always thought I'd never be able to do, so when I decided it was something I WAS going to be able to do and then actually did it, it was pretty exciting.

The hardest thing I've learned/still learning? It is not really a skill or physical task. It's learning to be patient with myself when trying to learn something or improve at it.

My favorite nutritional tip: Is to basically try to predominately eat things that are actually food and didn't come from a factory or were the creation of a mad scientist in a lab some where.

Favorite healthy recipe or meal: So basically this is a more of an inspiration rather than a recipe I actually follow.


I don't follow the recipe exactly because trying to cut a butternut squash into lasagna strips resulted in my cutting my hand more than I liked so I usually just cube the squash, I don't use the food processor and I definitely use way more than a 1/8 cup of sauce.  

Most helpful recovery tip: Hydrate, sleep and use your foam roller/lacrosse ball. It hurts like a B in the moment but is amazing how much better you feel the next day. Oh, then there's the old favorite, the epsom salt bath. 

I would have to say to the beginners to keep at it, be patient and if there's something you want to work on ask for help. With a positive attitude and practice, it's amazing what can happen. Besides, those coaches aren't as scary as they look.... well, maybe Jeff is. ;)