Often I see people in barbell club get done with the prescribed warm up in class and then go immediately to loading the bar with close to what their working weight for the day is or even straight to the working weight.

I would like to stress the importance of being patient with your warm. Always start with an empty bar. Just because we made you do a bunch of empty bar work before letting you loose on the workout doesn't always mean you're ready for weight.

Ask yourself, "How does my technique feel with the empty bar?". Spend some time concentrating on your form with an empty bar. Be serious and demanding of yourself.

Then, move up slowly. Only after you feel good and solid with your technique should you add more weight. Let me give you an example. This video below is of Norik Vardanian. He's a badass and snatches over 360lbs. Watch how patient he is with his warm up with just the bar alone! You can see the concentration he is giving every single lift.


9am CrossFit

5 Rounds for Time

5 Touch and Go Snatch (95/65)

6 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

50 Double Unders

rest 90 seconds between rounds


10am BBC

3X2 Snatch at 90%

6X1+3 Clean & Jerk at 80%

6X3 Snatch Grip Deadlift w 3 sec pause at hang at 100% 1RM Snatch