9:00am WOD
5 Rounds for time
9 Thrusters at 95lbs
9 Pull Ups
Run 200m
*rest 90 sec. between rounds

Low rep per round thrusters and pull ups with a run and a rest.

It is so important to develop efficiency in movements when training CrossFit. This becomes extremely evident when performing thrusters. A nice patient unbroken pace is much faster than speed and inaccurate movements. Stay calm and move deliberately. If you feel your weight shifting too far in one direction and you must move your feet to stay balanced, you are being inefficient. If this happens, slow down and concentrate on better body positions. All movements in this wod should be performed unbroken. Also, I am going to push for quick transitions between movements. Check out the man Rich Froning Jr. perform thrusters at The Games in 2012. Soooooo smoove.

10 am Barbell Club
6 X 3 at 80%
*rest exactly 60 seconds between rounds

Overhead Squat
4 X 3 at 65%
then establish 1 RM Overhead Squat

We're doing 6 X 3 snatch at a slightly higher percentage. In class we're going to work on set up and self talk. Often our misses occur when we rush the set up, allow distractions to to disrupt our focus, and fail to positively visualize the lift.

I'm excited to see how everyone looks at this percentage. We will be testing our 1 RM soon and I'm guessing it will be another exciting PR Fest.

Check out Ilya Ilin doing some heavy snatches.