Deciding who will be the home team.

Deciding who will be the home team.

We hope everyone is enjoying their Independence Day weekend so far! Those of us who joined the Elevation Nation at Sunken Garden Park this morning certainly kicked it off right–doughnuts, beer, and kickball. 

Tomorrow's workout will be a challenge for anyone who spent the day drinking, in the sun, or both- its a 'Death by...' WOD! Make sure to drink plenty of water tonight and in the morning. 


10 minutes to establish 3RM hang snatch

-then- 1x3 at 95%, 1x3 at 90% 



Death by...

Burpees & KB Swings 55/35#

12 minutes

*Every minute, on the minute, begin the movements, starting with 1 burpee and 2 KB swings. The number of reps increases at each minute: the burpees increase by 1 and the KB swings are double that number.


0:00–1 burpee, 2 KB swings

1:00–2 burpees, 4 KB swings

2:00–3 burpees, 6 KB swings

3:00-4 burpees, 8 KB swings

and so on. When you fail to complete a level, you will drop to the previous number of reps for the remaining number of minutes. Say you fail to complete 6 burpees and 12 KB swings during minute 5, then you would do 5 burpees and 10 KB swings for the remaining 7 minutes.