June 20th, 2014

Hello friends! Before we get hit with more rain next week, we're lucky enough to have another sunny Saturday during which to work out. As Coach Claire pointed out earlier this week, the sunshine and heat increase some risk for dehydration. Check out her post for more information on staying properly hydrated on these beautiful, hot days. 

Summer time at CrossFit Elevation typically means outdoor workouts, athlete field trips, and really great seminars. Today's WOD will involve some time outdoors, and we've got a superb group of guests joining us next month for a nutrition/mobility/weightlifting seminar. More information on the upcoming seminar, including discount registration codes, can be found here. Scroll down to the end of the post for the details about today's WOD. Hint: it involves rope climbs, so bring your tall socks!  

A quick Google search for "crossfit rope climbs" will turn up dozens of videos, essays, and rants about why we do rope climbs and the best techniques for getting them done. Personally, I find Carl Paoli's videos to be both succinct and helpful; expect to see some of these progression exercises tomorrow. This video involves the first steps to familiarizing yourself with rope climb technique, so if you'd like more advanced tips, look for parts two, three, and four. If you want to see more from Coach Paoli, check out GymnasticsWOD


10 mins to work to 3RM
Power clean
EMOM for 5 mins
3 Power cleans @90% above

800m Run
2 Rope Climb
10 OH plate lunges 45/25
400m Run
4 Rope Climb
20 OH lunges
200m Run
6 Rope Climb
30 OH lunges

*Once more, wear some long socks or bring some tape to protect your ankles!