Keep your shoulders over the bar.

The above pic shows a number of lifters who obviously, and deliberately keep their shoulders over the bar. In terms of positioning through the lift, you are keeping your shoulders over the bar until it reaches to about the mid-thigh area followed immediately by a rapid hip extension and explosion of speed and power!  The best way for you to see this is to watch slow motion videos (below) or still shots (above) of lifting progressions of the most elite lifters.
So, next time you lift, cue yourself to a) use your legs, and b) stay over the bar.

T-spine smash ext. and side roll

A1. 4x2+2 @80%

Hang snatch+OHS
-rest 1min-
A2. 4x10 Ring dips
-rest 30 secs-

3 Rounds

1 min on rower (cal)
rest 1 min
1 min pull ups (reps)
rest 1 min
30 sec cleans 135/95 (reps)
rest 30 secs