Here's Sarah sharing a pic of her favorite activity outside of CrossFit: Gardening!

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We're going to touch on the ring push ups today; The subtle difference by moving push ups from the floor to the rings is huge in emphasizing the need to generate torque by screwing one's hands into the rings and keeping the elbows over the wrist. The rings add an element of instability that makes it difficult to move with bad mechanics; you provide the stability on the rings and it ingrains proper pressing technique.  Push ups on the rings challenges you to create a more stable trunk and externally rotated shoulders- you'll do them automatically because it's the easiest way to stay balanced as you perform the push up. As you go on to do push ups off the floor, think about your mechanics and how you moved on the rings, and try to replicate that.

Setting up:

  • Have the rings at shoulder width and walk your feet back 
  • Try to balance on the front of your toes and not the balls of your feet. Balancing on your toes maximzes glute activation, which in turn helps create a more stable trunk. 
  • Externally rotate your hands such that your thumbs point away from your body (left hand at about 11 o'clock and right at one o'clock) in order to create a stable shoulder. 
  • As you lower into the push up, keep your butt squeeze and belly tight. Your wrist should stay in line with your elbows and elbows remain close to body. Forearms will be vertical in the bottom position. 
  • As you come out of the bottom position, turn your hands out and maintain a flat back as you press out. 

-Becoming A Supple Leopard

In the photo below, you'll see the set up position-flat back, hands turned out, shoulders externally rotated, and an engaged mid-line. The only thing you don't see is Carl balancing on the front of his toes. Try balancing on the front of your toes and see what differences it makes. 


A. Shoulder Rotator Smash and Floss
B. Double Lacrosse Ball Smash (for forearms and elbows)

A. 10 mins to 3RM Power Snatch

Hold at top of pull up bar or beginners top of ring rows

3 rounds
Run 400m
12 BB step ups 20" 115/75
10 Ring push ups