Hips and Shoulders should be rising together from the bottom. When you raise your hips, you disengage your PC and your low back (spinae erectors) to left to pay the price. 


How did week one of the Squat Cycle go? It took a little bit more to move through the set and get your 20 squats, but you all made it. If you missed a few classes this past week, don't worry, we'll just get you back on track. I've talked about squatting technique before and how these ideal positions can set us up for success. Today, we'll look into why we should train the squat in the first place. Much of my info will be from Mark Rippletoe's Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training.  The squat is the only exercise that allows us to train the complex movement pattern known as the hip drive, which is the active recruitment of the muscles of the posterior chain (PC). 

Let's the define what we mean by the PC and the corresponding functions. The PC refers "to the muscles that produce hip extension--the straightening out of the hip from its flexed (or bent) position in the bottom of the squat. These muscle groups--also referred to as the hip extensors-are the hamstrings, the glutes, and the adductors (groin muscles)" (Rippletoe, 2011). Everything we do that involves the lower body, such as jumping, pulling, pushing, and the plethora of other movements. The best way to develop strength for those movements is to squat!

When we squat correctly, the hip drive is engaged, which can be thought of as shoving the sacral part of your lower back. Every time we come out of the bottom of the squat, we train the PC. Compared to any other movement you may see in the gym, such as the deadlift, the squat is the best exercise to progressively improve and train the PC because the movement's range of motion is significantly greater than what you would find in the deadlift or box jump. Later this week, I'll get into the stretch-shortening cycle. Hope you all had a great weekend!

A. Reverse Ballerina
B. Anterior Compartment Smash

A1. 5x2 Power position Snatch @75-80
A2. 5x10 weighted hip ext.

TABATA (16 rounds total)
Pull ups/Ring dips
Split jumps
*Alt. movements every round

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