Today's blog is going to talk about the dip. We've been working in a bit more ring work this month and part of that is developing strength and stability in the dip. The dip is the second movement part of the muscle up and we'll be having more work/progressions on the muscle up in our near future. 

Here's a walk through of the dip from Carl Paoli:

  • Start in a support with elbows locked out, hands turned out, long neck and hollow body position
  • Initiate the dip by sending the shoulder forward
  • Always keeping the elbow directly over the wrist and forearms vertical
  • Reach the bottom of the dip with your shoulder below elbow (just like squatting with hip below knee)
  • Press back up and finish in the same strong support you started.

Check this out for a video of the dip. Pay attention to the turn out of the hands on the rings at the top of the dip. 

A. Tabata Ring Dips
B1. 3x ME Weighted Pull Ups/Eccentric holds on bar
B2. 3 x 10 Weighted GHD Hip extensions

Bear Complex
5 sets of 7 reps the following:
Power clean (can be right into squat clean to fulfill FS)
Front Squat
Push Press
BTN Push Press
Back to ground

*Rest as needed between rounds
**Touch and go reps. 5 burpee penalty for each on-ground re-grip of bar
Score wt for reach round