How's everyone feeling after 14.1? It was a fairly good test with the couplet of double unders and power snatches-a quintessential Crossfit WOD featuring calisthenics and strength.  The snatches are fairly easy if you're a strong lifter but if you don't have the skill, aerobic capacity, or neuro-pathways set, then you might've had some difficulty with the DUs. If you want a re-test to submit a better score, Monday will be your last chance. Scores have to be submitted and confirmed by us NLT 6pm MST (5pm PST). Just get with any of the coaches and we will make sure you're all set!

As for this week, we are going to do a series to tests for the next few days to see where we are with our powerlifting lifts, endurance, and olympic lifts so everyone can had a good idea of what their maxes are. The tests will run M-W with Thursday scheduled as a make up day.

The CrossFit Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the squat, the press, and the deadlift- the three most effective lifts in existence for developing and testing functional strength.  You will get 3 attempts at each to lift the maximum weight possible, and your heaviest successful lift from each of the 3 will be added together for your total. 

As for warming up, do enough to warm up for the movements but not so much that you're taxed when you go for your max efforts.  An example would be: 1×5 @ ~40%, 1×3 @ ~60%, 1×1 @ ~75%, 1×1 @ ~80%, and 1×1 @~90%.

The chart below is a categorization chart for your CF total, by sex and bodyweight. Where do you line up and where do you want to be?

"CrossFit Total"

Find 1RM of the following:
Back Squat
Strict Press