Our athlete Maria Cervantes had some very inspiring words to share in celebration of hitting her one year mark of doing CrossFit with the Elevation Nation.

It has taken me a while to respond to all the wonderful words of support and encouragement received this month for my one year mark at CrossFit Elevation. Exactly a year ago today I joined this family and I just can’t seem to find the proper words to express my gratitude to everyone at CrossFit Elevation for saving my life. Yes, you have done more for me than you can ever imagine, the words of encouragement you give every time I am there, the support demonstrated towards me and the genuine concern each coach has for me is invaluable. Every high five, you can do this Maria, you got it, almost there, push for it, great job, keep at it, and most important your unique and proud look towards me for my own accomplishments encourages me to keep going each day!

There are many reasons I started this quest last year, I never imagined that I would gain as much as I have. I gained life savers, a place to call home, health, fitness and strength I didn’t even know I had! 😀 I have gained so much! I can’t imagine being anywhere else, or accomplishing as much as I have with out this community of awesomeness! CrossFit Elevation family (you!) gave me my life back! It is because of you that I can run, ski and once again have the opportunity to live moments of “YOLO” next to my son! Thank you! Oh and of course thanks to my buddy Steph for not giving up on me, ever!

Love you all!

Thank you Maria for all your hard work! Seeing your smile and progress week to week is why we do what we do!