Today's workout is one of my favorite things....ROWING INTERVALS (#sarcasm)!!!! But seriously as painful as rowing can be sometimes its one of the best ways to develop aerobic capacity and strength endurance. In a workout that consists of rowing it can truly make or break the entire workout for me if I am not using proper technique. Just like our complex lifts, rowing is another skill that needs to be practiced and developed. With efficient rowing technique I can drastically improve my workouts as well as make rowing a little more pleasant.

Here's a great step-by-step video by the creators of our rowing machines (they kind of know what they are talking about) on how to improve rowing technique. Enjoy!


A. 5x 10 Front rack lunges @50% of front squat max or 60% of Clean & Jerk max

Hold top of pull up


5x 2mins ME Row for calories
-Rest 2mins-