Today I'll just share an article that I think is important for everyone to read and understand about the importance of safety and listening to your body while you're journeying through on the road of your best self. 

"The Safety of CrossFit from a Physical Therapy Point of View"- Robert Camacho

A few key things to draw from this even if you don't read the article:

  • If you're getting injured from working out, you're working out wrong. Pain is a way for your body to indicate of something awry in the system, whether it is muscular, neurological, or skeletal. Listen to it and become familiar with the different types of pain.
  • Check your ego at the door and value sound technique and proper form over heavier weight or a faster time.
  • There can be some occasions for compromising on form. An example of this would be the Chinese Olympic weightlifting team espousing knees in during the squat-albeit, the knees in is only a fraction of a second before the lifter resumes a neutral knee.

As always, mastery of a movement's mechanics is paramount. Once a movement is done consistently, we can bring intensity to the table. 

A.  Shoulder Int. Rot. Fix with barbell

10 mins to heaviest 3RM Split Jerk


Hang power clean 135/95
Paralette push ups