Coach Jeff pushing that gnarly sled that comes in at ~145#. It may not seem that much, but over that pavement, you migth as well push into a brick wall. 

Wow, the week has definitely flown by because all of a sudden, it's Friday again. On top of having a really great WOD lined up (mostly for the morning folks), it's also time for Friday Night Lights! 

If you haven't been to either the 430pm or 530pm classes on Friday, try it out! At FNL, we do a longer partner WOD of things we may not typically do over the course of the week, such as sled pulls and pushes, partner wheelbarrows, incline rowing, and whatever else the devious minds of Coach Jeff and Coach Topo come up with.  We will be doing them outside as often as we can, especially with the warmer weather on our heels.  

These WODs may be brutal as you go through them and will leave you gassed, but you always have a teammate cheering and encouraging you on. At the end of the day, you'll say, "That sucked! I can't wait for next week!"

It's a great time for everyone to come together, work out, have a drink post-WOD, and be merry! 

The look on Coach Micro's face while on the incline row station says it all- Not.Pleasant.

A. Banded Super Couch
B. Super Frog w plate

10 mins to heaviest Snatch complex:

1 Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch + 1 OHS
EMOM for 5 mins
1 Snatch Complex @90%

1 min ME Pullups

3 min AMRAP 

10 burpees
5 snatches 135/95

2 mins ME Pullups

3 min AMRAP
10 burpees 
5 Snatches
1 min ME Pullups

*Score will be total number of pullups in the 4mins and the two scores of the AMRAPs.