For those of you who weren't at yesterday's afternoon classes, Coach Jeff had a pretty great explanation and schematic explaining the three pulls of the snatch and clean. I'll share, along with some of his sweet drawings, his breakdown:

First Pull --> From floor to the top of knees

  • Weight should be centered on the middle of the foot, slightly towards the toe 
  • Once the pull from ground starts, push knees back aka "sweep the bar"
  • Once the top of the knees are reached, weight should be back towards heel.
  • Shins are vertical and hamstrings have tension.
1st Pull.jpg

Second Pull --> Top of knee to hip

  • Keep the bar against the legs by pulling it back while bringing hips forward
  • Bar speed will dramatically accelerate
  • Once the bar reaches the hips, push off the floor (vertical jump) driving hips and bar with upward momentum
2nd Pull.jpg

Third Pull

  • After aggressive drive of the hips upward, you will pull yourself down while pulling the bar up
  • Bar stays close to the boy the entire time
  • Snatch: the finish is catching the bar in the palm of your hand with palms upwards
  • Clean: the finish is rotating your elbows under the bar and catching it with your shoulders.

CF Games Open 14.2 WOD

A1.4 x 6 Tempo (3020) RDL
A2. 4 x 10 High KB Windmills

Buy in: 400m run
10 Ring Push Ups
10 Deadlift (185/115)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
Cash Out: 2 Rope Climbs