A. 5x5 HBBS: Work up to heaviest set of 5. Rest 1:30-2 mins between sets.

B. 3x10 Strict press: Weight should be heaviest possible through entire set of 10 reps. Rest 1 min

3 Rounds
8 Deadlifts 225/155#
10 Burpee box jumps 32/24"

We've all gotten really comfortable with squats. So much that sometimes we forget to do that top-to-down checklist when we set up for our squat. My point with tonight's post is not to provide the comprehensive checklist or the end-all-be-all for squats, but just to provide a snapshot of what we can focus on today with our squats.  There's always room for improvement; even after nine years of CrossFitting, I find room for improvement.  If you want something more comprehensive, there are a multitude of resources to include the CrossFit Journal or Mobility

Let's talk set up with a few cues and then why exactly do we cue these things. I am a huge advocate to knowing the why. Once I understand the why, I can apply what I know to what I am doing and somehow this made it all the more relevant to me why I should do things the way I should or why I should mobilize more than I do to get myself into these ideal positions. I've always like knowing how things work and that has made me a better rugby player and crossfitter in the past years.


Flat back with shins vertical.

Load hips and hamstrings.

Distribute weight in center of foot.

Feet parallel with a maximum external rotation of 15-30 degrees.


We have a flat back to brace our spine, which: prevents injury to our central nervous system (CNS), sets us up for an organized spine and minimize mechanical compromises, and ultimately maximizes force production and stabilizes our hips and shoulders.

Loading our hips and hamstrings by tilting the torso forward and driving the hammies back will load the right muscle groups to maintain torque and maintain our posture.

Distributing our weight through mid-sole and screwing our feet into the floor (imagine spreading the floor apart with your feet) is the key to creating and maintaining maximum torque. It might feel foreign the first few times, but the difference in your squat will be noticeable. 

We have our feet parallel because we maximize torque and can squeeze our glutes (butt) to stabilize our pelvis into a neutral position. 

Adjusting to these cues may feel foreign at first, but trusting in them will ultimately set you up for a more mechanically sound and powerful set-up and execution for your squat.