After a successful 2-week trial started in February we are proud to announce Elevation Boot Camp!

Elevation Boot Camp incorporates body-weight movements, as well as props and weights to tone and sculpt lean muscle in your body. It is intended to be an alternative to our CrossFit programming, which may not be for everyone. Boot Camp classes are designed for both men and women and scaled to suit your fitness level. Every day will be different and introduce you to new movements, creating variety in your workouts which is critical to your success.

Get ready to raise your heart rate, sweat, and have some fun!

To draw more attention to this awesome new program, we have partnered with LivingSocial to promote this limited time offer. $89 gets you 3 Boot Camp classes, 1 yoga class, and the ability to drop-in to 2 CrossFit classes PER WEEK for an entire 30 days. Well over a $180 value at 50% off. Registration for Boot Camp classes is required, and limited to 10 people at a time. Yoga and CrossFit drop-ins are at your leisure.

This is an extremely generous offer and we are eager to welcome many new faces to our growing community. Please share this offer with your friends and family by clicking on the image below to visit our LivingSocial Offer Page.