CrossFit Games Open WOD 14.3 featured an AMRAP comprising of the couplet dead lifts and box jumps. The rep scheme of the box jumps remained the same at 15, while the dead lift reps went up by 5 reps and in weight over the course of the WOD. Our members came out in force and we also had a few drop-ins have their go at 14.3.

Great Work everyone! Let's keep this train going for 14.4!

Mean Gene 78 
Steamer 130
Michelle M. 99
Alison B. 66
Megan C. 66
Jamie D. 90
Bossom 101
Micro 139
Mike 92
Ben D. 108
Adam L. 104
Brett 100
Tranimal 90
Keller 123
David 130
Bill 67
Scott N. 136
Robin 76

14.3 in full swing. Athletes from left to right: Ben Dion, Jamie Dion, Adam Loner, and Jarred McCorvey.

Adam showing his war face for 14.3!

Micro with the face of focus going into the set of 25 dead lifts @ 185 lbs.