This month's Athlete Spotlight is for our boy Schuyler Cayton. An adventurer in and out of the gym. We're proud to have him as part of the Elevation Nation!

 Schuyler in his natural habitat.

Schuyler in his natural habitat.

Age: N/A

Nickname(s): El Siete, The Siete, Siete, The El and / or simply ‘Seven.’ Or just ‘7’

Occupation: Retirement Planner

How long have you been at CrossFit Elevation? Seems like forever... maybe like 15 months?

How did you get started? Gym wasn’t cutting it and I wanted to try a new challenge and reinvigorate my exercise routine. I came for the challenge and variety and have stayed for the people. It’s great to workout with and support all the other athletes of the Elevation Nation. Great people, coaches and place!

Favorite workout? Today’s (8/20/14 - 20 Front squats 185/135#, 40 KBS 55/35#, 20 Front squats)

Least favorite workout? I try to find at least one redeeming feature of them all.

Your biggest accomplishment? Winning the North American Incline Championship...

The hardest thing you've learned/still learning? Focusing on form for the lifts more than the weight being lifted.

Your favorite nutritional tip? Small coffee pre workout.

Favorite healthy recipe or meal? SeaBass.

Most helpful recovery tip? PBR seems to help on Friday’s.