Just a reminder that tomorrow's classes will be canceled in lieu of the Girls Gone RX competition. Please come out and support our 15 female competitors at Dick Sporting Goods Park. More details about the event can be found here. [Duly note: animals are not welcome, so be sure to reserve your dog walker today!]

It's an all day affair, so be sure to bring all the necessary accoutrements. Here's some items to consider:

GGRx Backpack
GGRx shirt/tank, weight belt, sunscreen, wrist wraps, jump rope, yoga mat, foam roller, tape, socks, cool-down clothes, warm-up clothes, shoes/cleats, hoodie, chairs, tables, food/cooler, water bottles, cell phone, selfie stick, protein powder, hair ties, sunglasses, and hrmmm--anything else you can think of. 

1a. 4 x 10 Strict pull-ups or 5 pull-up negatives or 10 ring rows
-rest 30 seconds-
1b. 4 x 8 each leg bulgarian split squats (Dumbbell/kettlebell)
-rest 30 seconds-

10 minute AMRAP
12 Deadlifts 135/95#
10 Front squats 135/95#
8 Push jerks 135/95#