Dear Girls Gone Rx competitors and those interested in competing in the future, the following is some nutritional advice from your coaches in how to prepare and nourish the body for a long day of physical and psychological challenges.

Coach Tranimal
Don't change any big habits now! Consider your digestive health this weekend, however, you do want to eat plenty of carbs, so that "carb-loading" the night before is not foreign to the body. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Relax the night before, perhaps, a funny movie. 

Coach Bossom
Specifically, increase carbs 50-100 grams for energy production and expenditure. Stay hydrated. Get a good nights rest. Start your day with a good source of protein to stay satiated throughout the morning. Stay hydrated.


Coach Gemma
Hydrating fruits and veggies like cucumbers and watermelon. Easily digestible foods. Good fats, lots of carbs.

Coach Cave
Coconut water, trail mix, energy bars, a salad for lunch, grapes (because she struggles to drink enough water), protein powder. Hydrate!

5 x 2 Pause front squat (3 seconds in bottom) at 5-10 pounds heavier than last week
After each set: 20 second L-sit hold


6 minute AMRAP

10 Wall balls 20/14#

8 Pull-ups

-rest 3 minutes-

then complete for time the amount of rounds and reps done in 6 minute AMRAP