Dear Girls Gone Rx competitors and those interested in competing in the future! Be sure to check in to the blog daily for training and nutrition tips for success leading up to game day.

Today's Comp Tip: Whitney's "Week of" Strategy
There are many ways to prepare for a competition. Here's one way.

  • Not the time to try to "catch up" because, realistically, it's too late to make any concerted gains, now. Work on skill and efficiency this week. Think about strategy. 
  • Go easy on those hands! Prep your palms today for the lickin' they're going to take next Saturday (pumice treatment, straight razor shave, etc.).
  • Make a commitment to yourself to sleep 8 hours a night and mobilize daily. Now is the time to rest the body. Just keep the blood flowing, the joints mobile, and the muscles loose.
  • Mobilize, mobilize, mobilize.

Sunday: Go hard. Simulate game day with multiple workouts throughout the day. Know what to expect in six days.

Monday: One workout. Mobilize.

Tuesday: Light workout. Super light. Just staying limber, here. Keep the blood flowing through those muscles to flush out lactic acid without damaging any tissue or muscle fibers. Mobilize.

Wednesday: Active rest day (hike, walk, jog, swim). Mobilize. 

Thursday: Active rest day (hike, walk, jog, swim). Mobilize.

Friday: Light active rest day (walks are nice) and, you guessed it, mobilize. 

Game Day: Give it all you got, girls! Go hard in the paint!

Sunday Fun Day Endurance WOD

2 Rounds! 2 minute each station with a 1 minute break between stations. 
100 ft dash then AMRAP each station:
D-ball throw over 5' target
burpee pull-ups
yoke carry
bear crawl pushing 40# dumbbell

Barbell Club
Dumbbell single-arm split jerk (work up to heaviest) 3 x 5
Dumbbell clean (work up to heaviest) 3 x 10