Guys, it's with a heavy heart that I inform you that tomorrow (Saturday, September 12th) will be Coach Jeff's last day coaching with CrossFit Elevation. Jeff started as an OG Elevation member along with Tran, Gemma and myself when we were in the corner of the now defunct D-Town Boxing gym (2 doors north of us). He gained an interest in coaching and was brought up through our Intern Program. Jeff was very eager to learn and quickly caught on and developed into the amazing Coach he is today. Throughout the years he has amassed more knowledge and applied that to his coaching skills and repertoire. Maybe you've gotten to witness his Max Out Friday lift sessions and his numerous PR's? If you haven't, you missed out, I was always inspired to push myself and learn as much as I could from him. He set a positive example the rest of us Coaches will try to follow and instill in our classes.

Jeff and girlfriend Sarah are relocating to the Los Angeles area which is why they'll be leaving us. He will be coaching the 9am and 10 am classes Saturday morning, so this is your last chance to give him as much shit as you possibly can, and to of course hug him goodbye and thank him for everything he's done.

Tim Dohey has put together one final hurrah for them called Tour de Frothzen which coincides with the annual Tour de Fat happening in City Park. Check the Facebook event page for more details and to RSVP.

Please join us as we send these two incredible people off in style and wish them well in their next adventure!

Jeff, from myself, Scott, and the rest of the Elevation Coaches, we're sincerely going to miss having you. You're an awesome Coach and an incredible person. We've all learned so much from you. At least with you gone one of us can step up and look forward to holding some of the top ranks on WODs and lift records. ;)

Love you dude.


12 minutes to 2RM Snatch with 3 second pause @ knees each rep
1x2 @ 95%, 1x2 @ 90%

7min AMRAP
7 Burpees
7 Handstand push-ups
7 Toes-2-bar