Since there's double-unders in this workout I wanted to take a minute to address jump rope usage and possession in the gym. The general purpose jump ropes we provide are hanging next to the wall ball shelves. You may have noticed or even have used jump ropes that are hanging on hooks in the squat rack area. These jump ropes belong to members. We strongly encourage anyone looking to improve their double-under skills to invest in their own jump rope that is custom cut to their specifications and needs as it'll provide better consistency in having the right tool for the job. Please avoid using other people's ropes unless you have their permission.

Here's a few ropes to consider:
Rx Jump Ropes - the kind that Bossom and Dan have, fully customizable, handle and rope colors, rope gauge depending on skill level

R1 Speed Jump Rope - Most popular in CrossFit, simple, easy to adjust

12 mins to work to 5RM overhead squat

8 min AMRAP
50 Double-unders
10 Burpees
5 Power cleans 185/115#